There is a Sport Club overlooking the golf course which is a gathering hotspot for many other sports activities. The tennis courts are in walking distance of the clubhouse and there are future plans to encourage interschool and interclub competitions. In addition, there are plans for squash courts to be included in the development. The sport club also intends to host joint fishing events with other angling clubs to promote Henties Bay as a popular fishing destination.The Sport Club aims to promote sports tourism throughout Henties Bay. The Sports Club itself has a social evening every Wednesday, where community members are welcome to join in the "gees" and have a good time together. Often the evenings are coupled with incredible dinner specials which either feature a fun bring and braai or a set menu for a great price. The clubhouse is managed by Wolfie and his wife Soretha.

Any bookings to use the venue or order catering for events can be done through Soretha (+264 81 367 3377) or Wolfie (+264 81 271 3830).






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